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There is a crack in everything,
That's how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen

Loss, Crisis & Coping in a Multicultural Lens

Welcome to the Laboratory for the Study of Coping with Loss, Crisis and Stress from a Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Perspective, headed by Dr. Rivi Frei Landau of Achva Academic College. Our laboratory researchers represent the multicultural diversity of Israeli society, as do our research assistants.

Loss, crisis, and stressful life events are universal experiences, yet the ways they are dealt with are individual and relate to one's sociocultural context. Consequently, the laboratory uses qualitative methods to understand the individuals’ perspectives experienced within their sociocultural arena. In addition, mixed methods are also used.


We believe that the empirical and clinical knowledge accumulated in the laboratory may contribute to as well as mental health professionals and educators to provide optimal care to those coping with life challenges such as loss, bereavement and stress in various circumstances and in a multicultural society.  We believe in human resilience and in the possibility of growing from a crisis, while at the same time we advocate for promoting awareness of social responsibility to support those who struggle with loss, wherever they are.

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